We make many covers mainly for boats. To the right there are 3 x Fowey River dinghies all covered by us. Mid red, maize and sky blue. We also have the facilities to make the frames out of Marine grade Stainless Steel.




Using many different types of materials which include acrylic, polyester, PVC and nylon provide high quality products for most applications

Boat covers include; Tonneau covers and canopies for motorboats, spray hoods, main covers, dodgers and cockpit covers for yachts.

We also provide an upholstery service for both boats and domestic needs.

Below: Obsession with new spray hood, main cover and dodgers with lettering

Above: New spray hood and mainsail cover.

A Nijad 361 main drop cover made in Burgundy acrylic.

Above: Vinyl seats inside a Sigma 362