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Sail Shape offer many types of mainsails from Fowey river dinghy mainsails to Gaff mains for 80 footers. Look at the sail gallery for great examples of our work.

Sail Shape offer the best service in the business and if you think this is a false statement, look at our testimonials which are being added to by the day. We deliver on time with excellent back up service!

Many companies offer cheaply priced sails for the masses but here at Sail Shape we strive to be high in quality, durability and strength making our sails some of the best in the trade.

We can offer One design racing mainsails for J24’s, Squibs, 40.7’s, J80 and many more. Just click here to see our one design list of yacht and dinghies. We also offer racing mainsails for IRC endorsed yachts as Sail Shape is IHC certified to make and measure the sails on site. But we do not just focus on Racing sails, we also offer cruising/ocean type sails which have been proven to cross oceans with great performance but more importantly durability.

When designing and building a mainsail for any yacht or dinghy, we understand that every boat is unique. With Sail Shapes CAD design software, we can build the perfect sail shape for your boat using SMAR-Azure the latest software for sail designers to date. Our new SKZ sewing machine produces the best stitching quality in the trade and using the best materials available from suppliers such as Dimension Polyant and Contender we can produce a product that can outperform all our competitors.

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