J 24 One Design


Hyde have been the leading supplier of sails to the J24 class for some years, working closely with Stuart Jardine to develop a range of competitive designs.

These are now established as the benchmark for the class. Nine of the last eleven UK National Championships have been won with Hyde Sails.

J24 Mainsail Code 2J

This sail is highly adjustable and performs well throughout the wind range. The radial head ensures that the draft does not move aft in strong winds and the large radial clew patch helps to maintain a clean exit low down. The cross widths are as close to maximum as possible.

Mainsail Sailcloth is Dimension-Polyant 265 HTP Square.

J24 Genoa Code 2R

The 2R is a lightweight sail made from two weights of Kevlar laminates. Light is fast but the absence of taffeta does mean that this sail is not likely to last as long as the 2PT. We recommend this design for championship sailing on open water where there is less likely to be a lot of short tacking.

2R Genoa Sailcloth – Dimension-Polyant X-Tech X10 in the luff Dimension-Polyant X15 in the leech.

J24 Genoa Code 2PT

The 2PT is the same shape as the 2R but uses a Pentex laminate with taffeta protection in the leech area. The taffeta protects both yarn and film so the material is less likely to delaminate or crack. The sail is slightly heavier but more durable than the 2R and is well suited to both club and regatta sailing.

2P Genoa Sailcloth – Dimension-Polyant PE 10 in the luff Dimension-Polyant PE15T in the leech.

J24 Jib Code 3D

The cross cut Hyde blade can be used from 16 knots up. At this wind strength it is competitive with a genoa in speed but much easier to handle. The design ensures that the upper leech can be opened but continue driving when the sheet lead is moved a notch or two aft as the breeze freshens.

3D Foresail Sailcloth – Contender 6.5oz Polykote.

J24 Spinnaker Code 2L

This sail is designed for championship windward/leeward courses. The big shoulders ensure maximum projected area when running and allow the boat to go deep without losing speed.

Code 2L Spinnaker cloth – Contender 0.75oz Dynakote.

J24 Spinnaker Code 2s

This is an all-purpose spinnaker without quite as much projected area as the 2L and is therefore flatter across the head which gives it good performance when reaching. The 2S is built from 0.9oz Nylite which is more forgiving to trim than Dynakote and the additional weight will give the sail a longer life.

Code 2S Spinnaker cloth – Contender 0.9 oz Nylite.