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We undertake sail and cover repairs on the premises. If necessary repairs can be made very quickly or even overnight.

The new heavy SKZ 450 Solent sewing machine at work on a mainsail. The new machine can sew through 10mm of Dacron in triple step. The new machine allows Sail Shape to builds much bigger sails without compromising the quality of sewing. These machines build super yachts sails which proves it strength.

Currently Sail Shape has 4 sailmaking machines and two cover machines.  A Spinnaker light machine which sews triple step and zig zag, Pfaff 138 heavy zig zag, a light Pfaffzig zag and a the new machine was will go up to the thickest 138 thread. On the cover making side we have 2 walking foot Seiko straight stitch machines.

The inventory of Sail Shapes sailmaking and covermaking machines now means it can deal with any repair that comes through the door no matter how big or small.

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